​Tree of Life Wood Creations​​​

Creating New Life From Old Wood

About Mark Masters

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​  The different types of woods I use are old growth, standing dead wood from all over the U.S.; such as Black Walnut, Alligator & Stringy Hair Juniper, Western Red Cedar, Spelted & Curly Maple, Box Elder, Redwood, and many others. All of which have been re-purposed to create custom handcrafted wood furniture.

   My background as a wood artisan is a self-taught craft. I first discovered my passion for wood work when I visited the Redwood Forest in Northern California in my early 20’s. This began my love and passion for working with wood which evolved into creating Custom Handcrafted Wood Furniture      full-time. 

  I believe that wood is an intricate part of life in all man-kind and with using reclaimed wood, I give the opportunity to bring life back to the tree. In doing so, I strive to bring joy and satisfaction to people through my handcrafted wood creations. 

   My greatest joy is to have others appreciate just how beautiful wood can not only be in the natural elements, but also when man and wood are brought together and bring life to the tree once again. I view this as the complete cycle of life for the tree.